Titles of Two WipEout Games Potentially Outed

Any smart corporation protects their intellectual properties. If you’re putting big bucks behind a game, then it’s best if you secure a web domain to match (a trademark helps too). That way you know you have a home for the game when it eventually releases.

Sony, and a number of other publishers do this frequently. And we do our best to scour through registered domains and see if we can find anything of interest. That’s how we found a domain for Starhawk and for inFamous 2. The latest domains to be registered by Sony, may have outed two new installments in the WipEout franchise.

While the two web domain urls don’t bring you to a WipEout website –no, that would make it far too easy for us– they do redirect you to an official PlayStation website, adding credence to this discovery. Both have been registered by Sony, and both pertain to the WipEout futuristic racing series.

Recently, a retail source revealed the name for the NGP version of WipEout to be WipEout 2048. Consequently, there’s been a domain name registered by Sony for that exact name. Quite the coincidence.

Furthermore, a domain name for WipEout Trinity has also been uncovered, hinting that there may be a PS3 counterpart to the NGP game. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word trinity is defined as “a group of three closely related persons or things”. WipEout doesn’t put much emphasis on the actual drivers, so it’s not related to “persons”. That leaves “things”, but as to what these “things” are, we really don’t have a clue, even after carefully going over the series timeline and story.

Of course, these could just be names that Sony has registered and may not end up using. Remember, we also found a domain for PlayStation Arc, only for it to eventually be officially named the PlayStation Move after rumors of a trademark dispute. Only time will tell if these actually bear any WipEout flavored fruit.

In the mean time, tell us what you believe the “trinity” could be.