Square Enix Distributing Dead Island in North & South America

When a game that’s all but forgotten generates the kind of buzz that Dead Island seems to have earned over the last few months, big publishers want a cut of the action.

When Dead Island reappeared out of nowhere back in February, it was praised for its unique twist on the over-saturated zombie market. But even if the entire hardcore gamer crowd gets behind a title such as this, it could only sell so well. What does it need? Marketing. But Deep Silver is only so big; they did publish Prison Break: The Conspiracy after all. For a game to succeed, they need huge marketing, which unfortunately requires a big budget. That’s why Deep Silver reached out for a unique opportunity when publishing Techland’s Dead Island.

Enter Square Enix and their vast pockets. Deep Silver Chief Operating Officer Geoff Mulligan announced this morning the exciting distribution merger for such a unique project.

Square Enix’s impressive distribution and marketing capabilities, combined with their proven success with launching top-notch AAA titles, makes them the absolute best partner for Dead Island. We’re thrilled to be partnering with their dedicated and talented team and look forward to collaborating with them in order to bring Dead Island to gamers.

If this works well, I’m sure that both companies wouldn’t be opposed to working together in future distributing ventures. Deep Silver will still be publishing the game alone outside of North and South America at this time. Be prepared for the Dead Island marketing onslaught later in the year. What do you think it will consist of? Zombie-filled half-time commercials? Brains on busses? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. If you’re still interested in Dead Island, check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s interview with Aubrey Norris, Manager of Marketing & PR, Deep Silver, Inc.