Dev Diary Shows Beauty Rising ‘From Dust’

May 7, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

One of the more interesting titles in development for the PlayStation Network is From Dust, which boasts a unique approach to gameplay, and a beautiful environment to manipulate, which is showcased in a new developer diary.

We’ve already seen some very pretty images of From Dust, but in this latest developer diary we get a scenic look at the landscape and various elements that will be found in the upcoming PSN title. It’s usually important for any game to have an interesting and appealing looking environment, but this is particularly important for From Dust. The game has a slightly unusual premise, placing the player in the position of a god-like entity with the ability to manipulate the environment of the game. This seems to include everything from flooding the land to causing mountains to rise and form volcanoes, drowning out the area in lava and eventually creating new ground to stand on.

As you can see, your decisions to create or destroy different land formations will influence not only the world around it, but the inhabitants of the world as well. Those little mask wearing hut dwellers have forgotten their rich history, and of primary concern was their own ability to manipulate the environment. They’re on a mission to rediscover their history by traveling the world, and it becomes your goal to help them get there. The premise seems simple enough, but it also appears that the environment will act as a puzzle as you guide your artificially intelligent tribe to their destination, and so hopefully the game will gradually get more complicated as it progresses.

For the moment, it looks like it’s shaping up to be a gorgeous world to play with, so hopefully From Dust makes it in time for this summer’s release window that’s currently planned. Personally, I can’t help looking at this game without thinking of Populous: The Beginning, which is an old real time strategy game with similar environment manipulation elements to it, as well as a tribe to control. However, there’s a distinct difference here in goals and level of control, which should make From Dust interesting in its own way.

Do you feel like playing god this summer, and making mountains rise up From Dust?