Final Fantasy XIII-2 Shows up in Fiscal Year Report; Versus XIII Missing

May 13, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

Square Enix has published their fiscal year results and with it contains some interesting and very odd new details. Among all the numbers, Square has confirmed the release dates for titles which will find store shelves before the end of this year. The strangest part of it all comes from Final Fantasy XIII-2 showing up on the list, yet Versus XIII, which was announced a few years back is not.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is slated for a Winter 2011 release in North America and Europe, a vague 2011 in Japan. Other notables are FF Type-0 with a Summer 2011 release in Japan and the already known release dates for Dungeon Siege 3 and Deus Ex.

It may be past the time to start being surprised by the stuff Square Enix does but it is almost maddening to see no mention of the PlayStation 3 exclusive Versus XIII, which was first announced back in 2006. Instead we get a sequel that nobody asked for, to a game that not a lot of people truly enjoyed. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and move on.

Could Versus be one of the titles on the cutting block as Square Enix is losing a ton of money and cancellations are sure to come?