View Silent Hill: Downpour in the Flesh With E3 Gameplay Trailer

It’s been almost three years since the terrifying Silent Hill series last graced the PlayStation platform. We’ve seen some successful scares this generation with the Dead Space series, but neither Resident Evil nor Silent Hill, the two previous kings of the genre, have been able to replicate the nightmare-inducing quality that we saw on the PlayStation 1 and 2. Thankfully, Vatra Games is more than willing to lend a hand, and is currently working hard on developing the latest Silent Hill game, Silent Hill: Downpour. A mystifying trailer has already been released, and so have some screenshots, but now is the first time we’ve been able to really see what this game offers in the way of gameplay.

Below is the first gameplay trailer ever released for Silent Hill: Downpour.

As usual, Silent Hill: Downpour revolves around a protagonist who is stranded in the middle of the last city you’d ever want to visit, Silent Hill. This time the main character is a prisoner who goes by the name of Murphy Pendleton. Vatra Games has stated that the game will use water as a major element of both gameplay and story, and the game will stray from some of the traditional Silent Hill environments in an attempt to offer the same psychologically disturbing story, challenging puzzles, and strange atmosphere, but in a different context.

The above video is a mere teaser trailer for Silent Hill: Downpour, and Konami will be showing off the game at E3 in just a few short weeks. PlayStation LifeStyle will be on-site to report any news or media that is available during the week of E3, so check back for more information.