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Burn Through Final Fantasy Type-0 Screens

May 23, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Here are nine new screenshots of Square Enix’s upcoming PSP RPG, Final Fantasy Type-0.

Most of these feature three of the game’s main characters Rem (the girl in a few of the close-up solo shots), Ace, and Machina wandering and fighting. The students take on popular Final Fantasy series summon beasts Ifrit and Golem in a couple of firey battles here, one of which looks to leave Ace knocked out on the floor. Other summon monsters said to be in the game include expected presences such as Shiva, Odin, and Bahamut.

Ace is one of the game’s “main three,” as has been mentioned, but Rem and Machina are somewhat newer revelations. They’re said to serve not just as key characters, but also as two of the game’s narrators.

Square Enix currently aims to publish Final Fantasy Type-0 at a yet-unspecified time this summer in Japan. While releases in other territories are certainly expected, they have not been given time estimates as of now.