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Final Fantasy Type-0 Story and Combat Info Revealed

March 23, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Dengeki PlayStation has let out some new details regarding the PSP action RPG Final Fantasy Type-0, formerly called Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

Three main characters have been revealed so far, seemingly named after cards in a deck: Ace, Nine, and Queen. Keeping with a hot trend of Japanese gaming, they’re students. In this case, they attend a magic school, which the game calls a “Peristylium.” Their Tonberry-carrying teacher Kurasame earned quite a reputation in the past for his deadly wielding of the “ice blade.” Surrounding countries also have magic schools, so players might cross paths with some of these students. The nation of Milites decides to invade neighbouring Rubrum, breaking the harmony and leading to international chaos.

The Art of War tells young generals that winning without fighting is preferable and, in Final Fantasy Type-0, it seems players will sometimes do just that, with some enemies simply running away from the player. There are seemingly some social additions to the fights as well, for example the ability to have a full conversation with enemies before the fight, or perhaps even in lieu of combat altogether. The death of a group’s leader often means the end of a battle, rather than each individual weakling clinging to a kamikaze mentality. Occasionally, the enemies might not run away but simply tell players “Hey, the day is yours. I surrender.”

When players do fight, it’ll be in an action system that focuses on frequent, timely character rotation and the use of special skills. Among the three characters, poster character Ace actually makes use of cards in combat – they have various effects and perform actions such as elemental attacks.

Queen fulfils the role of the requisite RPG sword user. She’s described as playing as a typical action-RPG character, perhaps with a dash of Paladin, depending on her HP of course. She has a minor healing ability which also does some damage to enemies, called “Kurosu” (Cross).

Nine is a classic dragoon who might be seen as a more 3D, more action-type version of Kain from Final Fantasy IV. His moves are very similar in style and effect, and he jumps through the air with his lance/spear the same way series fans have become accustomed to over the years.

Lastly, it was said, without too much detail, that the four face buttons are linked to different special moves, and using them contributes to filling up an Ability Gauge. Expect this to be further described by future issues of the Japanese magazine.

With all the media and info suddenly coming forth about this game, one might be safe to assume this will be the next non-remake Final Fantasy to hit the market, though nothing is official at this time.

[Source: Dengeki PlayStation No. 492]