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Cross Game Chat #39 – L.A. Noire Roundtable

This week, our team does their first–hopefully of many–roundtable discussion of one of the most hyped games of the year: L.A. Noire. With the assistance of GameRev’s Daniel Bischoff, we attempt to provide not only our insights into the game and it’s place in gaming history, but also answer the eternal question: Should you buy this game?

Cam talks anime, PMC lays down the music recommendation, Josh gives a Jack Handey quote, and I make the pop-culture movie recommendation and keep it light with recommendation for the kids as well. All this and more in next exciting adventure of Cross Game Chat (yes I stole that from Robotech and would do it again).

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Finally, Cross Game Chat does its first ever roundtable. If you would like us to continue doing roundtable discussions on big name titles, send us an email to [email protected]. Our feature for next week will be our E3 predictions, so be sure to listen in or stop by JTV on Saturday, where you can watch the podcast live and chat with other gamers.

Cameron’s Anime Pick:

PMC’s Music Pick

Allen’s Pop-Culture Movie Picks: