PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of May 23, 2011

This week marks an important release in the gaming industry, one of our favorite games of this generation is getting a highly anticipated re-release. If teddy bear action is not your cup of tea then get ready for the latest Codemasters rally racing title in what might be the most expensive collector’s edition we have seen to date. 

Check out the full release list below:

PS3 –

  • Dirt 3 (05/24)
    • RC Car Bundle
  • Kung Fu Panda 2 (05/24)
  • Naughty Bear: Gold Edition (05/24)


  • No new releases

PS2 –

  • No new releases

Are you planning on picking up that Dirt 3 bundle for $299.99? If not, what is the most you have ever spent on a collector’s edition? Tell us is the comments section below.