No Trophies For PSP Remaster Series Games

Monster Hunter Portable fans everywhere were most likely elated to hear to the news that their bestselling game would be the first to be remade for the PlayStation 3, in HD and 3D no less. However, the trophy hunters amongst you will likely be at least a bit disappointed when you hear this news.

Japanese blog PlayStation-CS reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment Japan for confirmation of trophy utilization on the PlayStation 3 versions of the games being remastered. SCEJ‘s response was as follows:




Roughly translated, it states that trophies are not a part of the specifications for the PSP Remaster series of games. PlayStation minis are in essentially the same category as they are playable on both formats, and do not have trophies either. We will hopefully hear much more of this upcoming program from Sony at E3, which is just a few short weeks away. We’ll keep you informed as soon as we receive updated information.