Gravity Rush Remastered Is $29.99 in North America and Only Available Digitally

Releasing on February 9, 2016 in North America and February 10, 2016 in Europe for PlayStation 4, Gravity Rush Remastered will only be available through the PlayStation Store in North America.

This news was revealed by Brian Dunn, Associate Product Marketing Manager, who said on the PlayStation Blog:

Watch out for Gravity Rush Remastered landing in February for $29.99, exclusively via PlayStation Store.

For those of you in Europe, you’ll be able to buy Gravity Rush Remastered through retail and digital stores.

SCEA’s Nick Accordino said in response to the digital-only release in North America: “Really can’t comment on that, as I don’t make the decisions there… Please make sure to let us know what you think – really appreciate all of your feedback!”

As for the sequel, Gravity Rush 2, it’s coming to North America and Europe on PS4.

Accordino responded to someone who didn’t want to hear Kat yell “achoo” every time she attacked:

Sorry, no additional voices are being added to the game. As spleener says below, the world of Gravity Rush has its own language, so that’s the only language audio you’ll hear!

You’ll also be able to control Kat on PS4 using the DualShock 4’s motion controls.


You can still obtain a physical PS4 version by importing the Asian version, which will work on your PS4, because PS4 games are region free. Priced at about $43 USD, the Asia physical version includes English subtitles. So there’s that to consider for physical media-minded gamers.


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