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Pachter: PS Vita “The Dumbest Name Ever”

The NGP’s real name is rumored to be PlayStation Vita, which is otherwise known as (in Latin/Italian) PlayStation Life. While the name may have been misinterpreted for a codename of the NGP before it was revealed, Veta, recent images appeared to seemingly confirm the handheld’s official name as PS Vita. Michael Pachter, however, doesn’t think so highly of it.

Michael Pachter, Research Analyst of Wedbush Securities, recently took to his personal Twitter account to share his thoughts on the name PS Vita. He dislikes the name so much that he even believes that it’s the dumbest name ever.

In a series of tweets regarding the Next Generation Portable’s possible official name, Pachter first slated the device by saying:

I’m beginning to think that the dumber the name, the more likely a device will be successful. PSVita one of the dumber names I’ve heard . .

He then said:

If @GI_AndyMc is right and they pronounce it “Vee-ta”, it is truly the dumbest name ever. Sounds like a vegetable-flavored energy drink

Pachter continued:

When I was in law school, we helped seniors with tax returns under the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program — VITA for short

Finally, the outspoken analyst stated:

to all: yes, I remember La Vita E Bella and La Dolce Vita from the Italian Cinema. Somehow, PSVita doesn’t evoke the same feelings .

Do you echo the same views as Pachter? Is it really that bad? Share your comments below. Also, don’t forget to enter our NGP name guessing competition, which could net you a prize.