Cross Game Chat #40 – Pre-E3 Roundtable

May 30, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

It’s almost that time again when everything in the gaming world turns upside-down, and we as gamers and media alike get swept up into a world of magic, and maybe some truth (but mostly magic). The staff gets together without our beloved Josh, but his part is played masterfully by the Editor-In-Chief himself, Mr. Anthony “I Own Boston” Severino. Listen in as the guys discuss their predictions and hopes for E3 this year, as well as other news in the industry.

Our News Stories:

Kojima Spent a Year Preparing For Something That is Now “Meaningless”

Kojima: Metal Gear Solid 5 Won’t be at E3, NGP Game Not MGS4 Port

PSP Titles to be Remastered on the PS3

No Trophies For PSP Remaster Series Games

Industry Icon Prepping PS3-Exclusive RPG

Sony Confirms PS4 Development

Team ICO’s Fumito Ueda Not Attending This Year’s E3


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Allen’s Pop-Culture Movie Pick – The Running Man

PMC’s Music Pick – Chali 2na

Cameron’s Anime Pick – Kiba

Anthony’s Lawn Care product pick – Toro Lawn Striping System

Make sure to check back with us next week as we will be publishing a podcast each night to wrap up everything we see during E3.  As always if you have questions for us, make sure to shoot us an email at [email protected].