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PS Vita Spotted on Sony’s E3 Website

An unamed source recently suggested that the NGP’s official name is the PlayStation Vita. Later, images appeared online showcasing that PS Vita may very well be the PSP successors’ name. A Sony-owned Vita development website was then discovered. Now, to all but confirm the title PlayStation Vita, the name has been spotted on Sony’s official E3 website.

Thanks to some work by NeoGAF member gofreak, Sony’s E3 2011 website has something hiding in the source code: by visiting the website and clicking view source, you can then CTRL+f and search for Vita, which comes up with:

  • ps3/index.htm”>PS Vita®
  • psvita/features/index.htm”>Features
  • psvita/games-and-media/index.htm”>Games & Media

PlayStation Vita stands for PlayStation Life in Italian and Latin. The name, however, had been criticized by Wedbush Securities Analyst Michael Pachter who said that PS Vita is the dumbest name ever.

What are your thoughts on the NGP’s official name being PlayStation Vita? Share your comments below.