Sony PS Vita Dev Site Uncovered

Recent rumors pointing towards the official name of the NGP indicated that the device would be called the PlayStation Vita, soon after, images of the handheld clearly showed the name. To strengthen the case even further, a development website from Sony for the name Vita has been uncovered.

The following domain: is valid and shows Sony’s current development platforms, as well as information regarding Sony Computer Entertainment. To further solidify that PS Vita is indeed the NGP’s official name, the SCEDev website delivers the following disclaimer:

The Developer Network sites are owned and managed by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc and its affiliates.

The name PlayStation Vita recently came under scrutiny from Michael Pachter, Research Analyst of Wedbush Securities, who called the title “the dumbest name ever”. Whether Vita is the final name, or simply a place-holder title still remains to be seen, but we a sure to find out at Sony’s E3 conference this June.