First NGP to PS3 Cross Platform Gameplay Shown, Wipeout NGP’s New Features Detailed Shown

With the NGP/Vita boasting near-PS3 graphics and an unprecedented processing power for a mobile platform, gamers will finally be able to have true cross platform gameplay.

The first game shown with cross platform gameplay was Wipeout NGP (rumored to be called Wipeout 2048), which will allow gamers to play PS3 owners of Wipeout HD Fury on the same racetracks in 8 player matches. The number of players on different platforms doesn’t matter as the game supports any arrangement of PS3 and NGP users.

Game director Stu Tilley promised the biggest Wipeout experience ever, with 10 new tracks, 20 new ships, new game modes and weapons. The game will use the NGP’s touch pads, the dual cameras and the SixAxis motion controls, as detailed in the video.