Former Sony Liverpool Dev on Seeing a New WipEout Game: “My Honest Answer is Probably Not”

With WipEout developer Sony Liverpool having shut down, the future of the fast-paced racing franchise has been up in the air, leading to the fact that the PlayStation Vita launch title, WipEout 2048, may be the last time we see a new game in the series.

In an interview with VG247, Nick Burcombe, who was with Psygnosis/Sony Liverpool until 2010, was asked if he thinks that there will be a new WipEout game:

Who knows? Sony keep things pretty tight regarding plans, but my honest answer is probably not, even though I’d hope so. I’d love to see Sony experiment with some of its IP across other platforms – maybe that’s the ‘Psygnosis’ in me. If I had the chance – I’d love to bring something like Wipeout to iOS.

Before Sony Liverpool closed in August 2012, they had begun hiring for an unannounced project, which was rumored to be a next-gen WipEout as well as a Splinter Cell competitor. If true, there’s always the hope that Sony could pass off development duties to another studio, especially when you consider that the game was allegedly 18 months in development.

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