NGP Game Screens Leaked; Uncharted, Wipeout & More

When Sony announced the Next Generation Portable, one of the first games they unveiled for the powerful portable was Uncharted as well as Reality Fighters. We haven’t seen any media on either game since their initial demos… in fact, we haven’t seen anything at all on the NGP’s titles. However, if you believed you’re going to have to wait till Sony’s E3 press conference to see the NGP’s titles in action, luckily you would be mistaken: a batch of stunning screenshots for several NGP games have emerged – including games that haven’t been officially announced.

Mobile-Review published a hands-on impressions of the Next Generation Portable and its titles. The website gave gamers a glimpse of what Uncharted looks like on the system, and it’s certainly impressive to say the least. In addition to the Uncharted screenshots, some new NGP Wipeout shots have also made way; they refer to the game as Wipeout 2048, which Sony hasn’t unveiled yet.

Additionally, thanks to NeoGAF, 720p native screenshots of Uncharted, as well as screens of Super Stardust, Fusion King, Reality Fighters, an unknown game and Wipeout have been released. Check them all out below: