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Super Stardust Delta Coming to NGP, First Screenshots

Despite E3 being only a few days away, Sony have decided to make today a NGP information blow-out day with new info on Uncharted, Sound Shapes and more revealed. After images leaked, Sony have announced a new Super Stardust title at a press event.

Super Stardust Delta sticks to the general formula of the original Super Stardust game, with two thumbsticks still being used as the main form of interaction. However, new features have been added, like being able to shift the viewpoint by tilting the device, or being able to shake the NGP to create a shockwave that damages nearby targets. The front touch screen can be used to access weapons and powers.

The game will also have some modes that are built specifically for the handheld’s back, as well as Arcade, Endless and bomber game modes.

Look for more about Super Stardust Delta at E3.