Nolan North to be a Sly Thieves in Time Voice Actor

One of the biggest announcements at Sony’s E3 conference was the return of Sly Cooper in Sly Thieves in Time. While it’s unlikely that the game will be developed by Sucker Punch,  it’s still sure to a terrific title whenever it releases. Little is known about the game, but now news has been revealed that one of the game industry’s most prolific voice actors will be lending his talent to the title.

Best known for his work as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series, it is becoming increasingly hard to find a game without Nolan North lending a voice to one of the characters. Straight from E3 we can reveal that the next game to be “Northed” will be Sly Thieves in Time, with Nolan voicing the baddie “El Jeffe” (heff-ay). He plays a tiger boss, who uses lightning swords and shoots flame balls.

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