Bejeweled 3 Will Dazzle PSN This Year

If you’ve ever played a Bejeweled game, or any other PopCap game for that matter, then you know they’re simple, fun, and extremely addictive. Luckily that’s just what we like around here, and yet another of these is on the way.

Bejeweled 2 is already on the PlayStation Network, so it would only make sense to follow up with Bejeweled 3, right? That seems to be the case, since the PopCap game that was released late last year on PC is now headed our way in Q4 2011, according to a press release from the company earlier today. The release mentions the adaptation will come to five platforms, which includes Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, XBLA, PSN, and PlayStation 3, leading one to wonder if this is an indication that physical copies will be released for retail as well as digital versions.

Either way, the sequel brings numerous new modes to the game besides the normal classic mode, giving players nearly twice the number of ways to get hooked on the jewel swapping fun. The first of which is Zen mode, a mode with no time limit and special soothing sounds to relax players, as well as binaural beats to help with mediation (scientific efficacy extremely questionable). Pieces are generated in a fashion that allows the mode to play endlessly, with at least one move always available to players. Lightning mode, on the other hand, requires quick thinking and a fast reaction time, giving players 60 seconds to rack up as many chain bonuses as possible, with special pieces to help increase the time limit. Lastly is Quest mode, which presents players with a series of puzzles and mini games which present different goals than the classic Bejeweled gameplay. No price or exact date have been given, but you can expect Bejeweled 3 to be here in time for the holidays, and hopefully priced near Bejeweled 2‘s current $9.99 USD.