Metal Gear Solid 4 Veteran Voice Actor Lands Lead Role in Starhawk

Voice acting can make or break a story-driven game, and some of the most well-received titles of this generation were accompanied by outstanding voice actors such as Nolan North (Nathan Drake from Uncharted) and David Hayter (Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid). Surprisingly, despite Warhawk throwing a campaign-mode into the wind, it’s spiritual successor, Starhawk, will not only contain a full-blown single-player mode, but will feature a veteran voice actor as well.

Via Twitter, Lightbox Interactive’s president, Dylan Jobe, revealed who will command the voice acting for Starhawk‘s main character, Emmet Graves. It turns out that it’ll be none other than Khary Payton, and this fact was revealed through the following post:

The voice of #Starhawk’s hero, Emmett Graves is the talented Khary Payton!!

It is extremely likely that you’ve heard Khary Payton’s voice before, as he has an extremely elaborate resume, ranging from Killzone 3, to God of War II. Most notably, in my opinion, he did an outstanding performance in Metal Gear Solid 4 as none other than Drebin, the interesting weapons expert who played a major part in Solid Snake’s final mission (as did his Coca Cola drinking monkey).

If you thought Lightbox Interactive was just chucking single-player into Starhawk for the heck of it, think again. We were quite impressed with what we saw at E3, and with a major voice actor at its belt, we expect to see both fun single-player and multi-player components in Starhawk when it arrives next year.