A Legend Returns to Battle the Dangerous Summits of SSX

EA Sports’ SSX is bringing the franchise back to its roots with some extra flair. With an enhanced look, new character models, and an open-world feel, SSX has launched itself into spotlight. Today, EA Sports adds to the anticipation by bringing a familiar face to the all new SSX.

EA Sports announced via Facebook that Zoey Payne, an SSX legend, is returning to the franchise. Zoey has appeared in every SSX title to date, and is well-known for her boardercross style, street smart ways, and her over the top, second to none fashion sense.

While details are scarce as of now, EA released images of her new look—which is all too familiar—and intends to release her back story comic tomorrow on the official Facebook page for view and download. EA has yet to comment on if Bif Naked will reprise her role as the voice for Zoey’s signature remarks and catchphrases. For an early look at Zoey, check out the image below.