Kojima Wants Multiplatform Fox Engine to “stand out”

Just before E3 week began, Konami held a press conference that was full of new information. Among a couple of HD collection announcements (MGS and ZOE, yay!) and some “transfarring” talk was the announcement of a powerful new proprietary game engine called the Fox Engine. The live technical demonstration was pretty impressive, and the graphics were nothing short of amazing. But we haven’t heard anything since. Now Kojima has broken silence.

In his latest interview, Hideo Kojima commented on the Fox Engine, and shared what he believes are its strong points. He stated:

For now, FOX Engine has high performance in developing games on multiple platforms; I think that is the most prominent feature. At this point, it is not an engine that has anything particularly prominent when compared to what’s on the market. From now on, we hope to add features and functions that stand out from other engines.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be the first game to utilize the engine, but it should be far from the last. As many know, the title will be on several platforms, and we hope that the Fox Engine takes advantage of the PS3’s power despite being multiplatform-friendly.

As far as standing out goes, that’s difficult in this day and age, but many games run on Unreal Engine 3, which is now half a decade old, so there’s definitely room for more technology. Metal Gear Solid 4 showed us that Kojima is completely capable of delivering modern gameplay and visuals, and with so much information now available a few years later, including Naughty Dog’s lending hand, there’s enough reason to feel confident that Kojima will have an outstanding new engine to develop jaw-dropping Vita, PlayStation 3, and eventually PlayStation 4 games on.