GoldenEye Reloaded Reveals Face with Over a Dozen Images

Amazon France outed GoldenEye Reloaded this week with an accidental post which all but confirmed a PlayStation 3 version of the award-winning GoldenEye 007. Although the game has since been removed from the website, screenshots have emerged prematurely from this week’s Comic-Con event in San Diego, and the images represent a further enhanced revision of the Nintendo Wii release last year.

Below are some in-game screenshots from GoldenEye Reloaded.

Although the title still hasn’t been announced, the above screens make it abundantly clear that the PS3 version will be very familiar to those who played last year’s release, GoldenEye 007. Comic-Con begins this Thursday, and we’re certain that Activision will announce GoldenEye Reloaded along with all of the exciting details sometime during the four-day event. The only question left is which development team is handling the port, and whether or not there will be additional features. The availability of HD visuals, and a more robust online environment for its excellent multiplayer should make the PS3 version a much more definitive release.