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L.A. Noire Burglary Desk Stole Too Much Blu-ray Space

L.A. Noire is a massive game. So large, Team Bondi was barely able to fit it all on one Blu-ray disc, and was large enough to require three discs on the Xbox 360. Which is why they had to cut content from the game – to fit it all on one Blu-ray disc.

Team Bondi had to cut the entire Burglary Desk and Bunko (fraud) Desk in order to fit the game on a single Blu-ray disc. A total of eleven cases hit the chopping block before the game was eventually downsized. Team Bondi co-founder explains the reasoning:

We had a Bunko and Burglary desk – bunko is fraud and burglary is just people robbing houses and stuff – we had eleven full cases for that, which we wrote and did the design for to a certain extent – we even did the art for them too, but it just got to a point where we were never going to fit it on one Blu-ray,

It just becomes super prohibitive at that point. I think there might have been a better arc if we did do that – you get more of a chance to introduce different things – but in terms of the overall experience I think we did pretty well.

Recently, Rockstar Games said that the game “wasn’t complete yet” hinting that more DLC could be on the way. Maybe we’ll see some of these cut cases eventually return as DLC.

We’ll keep you posted if our detectives dig up any further evidence. For now, this case has gone cold.

[Source: PSM3/Via]