Horrific New Dead Island Screenshots Creep in

Dead Island has come a long way since its epic trailer released months ago and wowed audiences with its cinematics and feeling. Now, just months before release, Deep Silver has released new screenshots for the Techland developed zombie survival game.

The screenshots are exactly what you would expect from this type of game. A beautiful tropical island where the dead are walking around everywhere, being sliced and diced by the remaining humans. Things look very hectic in the new screens, and give a good sense of fear that comes with fighting off zombies with only a knife or stick.

Dead Island takes place on a holiday resort that has fallen victim to a zombie invasion, and players must gather survivors and any object they can find to defend themselves.

Dead Island releases on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on September 6th and 9th in North America and Europe respectively, along with a novel of the same name.

What would your weapon of choice be if you were stranded on a Dead Island? Let us know in the comments below .