Battlefield 3’s Multiplayer Takes it to the Skies in the Latest Footage

One of the iconic features of DICE’s Battlefield serious was the ability to transform the capable foot soldier into a mean lead-throwing machine. It didn’t matter if you were on metal treads or on bladed wings, if you managed to sit yourself behind the controls of an ammo-racked vehicle, you became a force to be reckoned. And, while the fighters of the skies were absent from their Bad Company series, they will make sure to unleash players into the clouds once again in Battlefield 3 .

Sure, we all know the ground warfare in Battlefield is where the action erupts, but the elements can quickly changed when a pair of steel-wings scream at you with a hail of gunfire or a well-placed bombing run. As anticipated, fighter jets will be returning on full throttle in Battlefield 3 as they dogfight in EA’s latest multiplayer footage of the never-before-seen level of Caspian Border.

Check out the multiplayer footage below of the intense action above the war zone. And if you haven’t done so by now, lock in your pre-order of Battlefield 3 and earn your wings the day hit release on October 25th.