Lament No More, Devil May Cry Boasts Brutal Combo Carnage

You may think Dante’s new look is that of an overly emotional wuss, but a new video from gamescom shows the wuss part is so very, very wrong.

That’s not to say he doesn’t still look like an overly emotional guy who barely made it through the social circles of high school, but Dante is definitely sporting some powerful moves in the new Devil May Cry. With Ninja Theory taking over development of the series reboot, many fans have cried foul over Dante’s redesign, leading to the fear that this may be the final nail in the franchise’s coffin. While the jury is still out on the artistic direction, the gameplay shown off in the following trailer definitely looks promising.




Few things make a guy cooler than wielding a scythe bigger than himself to fend off hoards of demons, so emo-punk Dante may see some redemption yet. Ninja Theory’s last game, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, was met with generally positive reviews, as was their PS3 exclusive Heavenly Sword. As a result there’s little doubt, especially after the above video, that their Devil May Cry reboot should see success, but the question remains if it will live up to the high standards of franchise fans. Will the game’s functionality outweigh the aesthetics for you, or is Dante doomed to remain alone?