New RAGE Trailer from PAX, Featuring Roy Campbell

It’s a hot season for game shows. We’re just coming off gamesom, PAX Prime starts tomorrow, and the Tokyo Game Show will rain down big things in September. Good news for gamers, bad news for their wallets, ultimately. A new RAGE trailer has been made in preparation for PAX, as it fights for your attention.

It is interesting to note that the voice of Metal Gear Solid‘s Colonel Roy Campbell is in this game (voiced by Paul Eiding). In this video, he appears to be the “mayor of Subwaytown.” And just for the curious, that Japanese writing behind him says “iku,” or in English, “go.”

Campbell, – the mayor – gives the player a work request to take care of some pesky Gearheads, who are up to no good and messing with plutonium. Not interested in stopping their activities, the mayor wants what they’ve got, as it would solve the city’s electricity problems. You can imagine where this leads.

Stay tuned for more as PAX continues.