PS3 to get Gundam Extreme VS

For a very long time, Gundam Extreme VS was only available in Japanese arcades – but that’s about to change. It’s been confirmed that Namco Bandai is in the process of porting the smash hit arcade game to the PlayStation 3, currently expecting a Far East release date of December 1st.

The game will allow players to customize the BGM role with music tracks from their PS3’s soundtrack library. Seeing as the key aspect of the arcade version was its fast and furious head-to-head combat, an online versus mode is naturally being planned as well. At 70 per cent complete, it’s also a likely title to be playable at the Tokyo Game Show next month.

The only problem for prospective buyers is the somewhat high price for a port, as the game has a suggested retail tag of 8,380 yen. This is especially brutal for North American importers, as Japan’s currency tends to be beating the slop out of the American and Canadian dollars for the time being – that 8,380 yen converts to more than $105 in both lands. Westerners might want to wait for 2012 to roll around and see if either the exchange rate gets a little more forgiving or if a localization announcement happens.