Team Ninja Considering Vita Title Post Ninja Gaiden 3

With Ninja Gaiden 3 set to launch sometime next year, Team Ninja is undoubtedly hard at work making Rya Hayabusa’s latest adventure his best yet. But that hasn’t stopped the team from discussing their plans for the future, having recently gotten their hands on a Vita.

In a recent Q&A where Team Ninja lead Yosuke Hayashi fielded the questions of PlayStation fans, thoughts on Sony’s new handheld were brought to light.

We’ve received a PlayStation Vita system and are thinking about it. Having said that, right now we’re focused on Ninja Gaiden 3 for PS3, and after that’s complete we’ll start to look at ideas such as bringing out Ninja Gaiden on PS Vita because of course we’d like to expand the series.

While this is far from confirmation that we’ll see a Ninja Gaiden title grace the Vita, considering the power that is packed into the little machine, a future title from Team Ninja is certainly a possibility.