New Starhawk Gameplay Footage Shows Intense Combat

Some new Starhawk footage has made it’s way to the internet post Comic-Con. The gameplay video features some commentary from booth attendees at the event, who seemed to love the game. One player even went so far as to say that Starhawk was one the best games he had ever played on PS3.

Gameplay wise, the video showcases a variety of battles taking place on foot, in vehicles, and in the air. Environments seem to be fully destructible, while players are also allowed to build and fortify structures. Starhawk is a mix of genres, masterfully blending the fast paced combat of a shooter, while adding depth with real time strategy elements. You can check out the video below:


Starhawk, due out in February 2012, is being developed by LightBox Interactive, the studio set up by Dylan Jobe and other ex-members of Incognito Entertainment, and Sony Santa Monica.