Zombie Driver HD Announced for PSN, XBLA

PC title Zombie Driver will now be heading over to PSN, XBLA and Tegra 2 powered mobile devices. Zombie Driver HD will be twice as long as the popular original, featuring new boss fights, enemies and vehicles.

Polish developer EXOR Studios claims that the new version has been “vastly expanded,” with other improvements including a better camera system, a recharging afterburner and a minimap. Another mode, Blood Race includes three game types: Race, where you race opponents, Eliminator, where you take down as many vehicles as you can, and Endurance, where you must reach the checkpoints in time, or explode. The main game will have 13 types of car, including tanks and firetrucks.

The PS3 version will also have an exclusive “special” car, but details weren’t revealed. As yet, no release date or price point was given.

How many zombie games can you take? Is Zombie Driver HD one too many? Let us know in the comments below.