Saints Row: The Third Pushes Sexual Boundaries, Series “Not Even Trying to be Serious”

The Saints Row franchise is known for featuring an over the top sense of humor, and Saints Row: The Third looks like it will push the envelope even further. Volition’s Drew Homes has shared some details on how Saints Row: The Third pushes sexual boundaries, but never strays beyond the proverbial line too far into becoming outright offensive.

Speaking in regards to Saints Row: The Third using sex appeal, Homes told Official PlayStation Magazine:

The studio certainly push the boundaries – particularly with stuff like the ‘sex appeal’ slider.’

He added:

You never want to cross the line into crudely offensive. It’s a thin line to walk, but you know when you’ve crossed it – and as long as it stays irreverent and tongue-in-cheek, then we can push it a lot further than if we were trying to play it serious. The advantage Saints Row has is that it’s “not even trying to be serious” and is clearly a “cartoony, outlandish game”, which helps take “some of the bullets out of the media gun”.

Volition and THQ have already gone on the record stating that Saint Row: The Third will take the franchise in a new direction. Anxious fans will have to wait until the game officially launches on November 15th to see what changes have been brought to the table this time around.