Silent Hill: Downpour Springs a Leak, Gets Delayed

For those chomping at the bit to get their hands on Silent Hill: Downpour, you are going to have wait a bit longer as the game will not make its fall 2011 launch. Konami has confirmed that the game will be delayed until Q2 2012, which gives them between March and June of 2012 to release the title.

Konami did not give any reason for the delay, but it could either be due to bugs, or the fact that the rest of 2011 is jam-packed with higher profile games. If it has been delayed purely to polish the game, I think most people will be able to stomach the delay, as it could mean a good Silent Hill game, something we haven’t been able to say much lately.

Silent Hill: Downpour will take players back to the town of Silent Hill, but this time they will be exploring areas of the city that have never been available in the past games. Gamers will take control of Murphy Pendleton, an escaped convict who must now survive a new kind of prison.

What do you think of the delay and are you still planning to pick up the game next year?