Sony Reflects on PS Move Success, Over 8.3 Million Shipped

Speaking at a PlayStation Move focused keynote during GDC Online 2011, Gabe Ahn, a developer support engineer for Sony Computer Entertainment America, reflected on the recent success of Sony’s motion controller. He revealed sales statistics for the peripheral itself, the software supported by it, and even offered a glimpse into the future showing a compelling video featuring Freddie Wong’s take on what’s next with a head-mounted display fighting off Chimera in a virtual Resistance world.

You can check out the video below:

Gabe Ahn revealed that PlayStation Move has currently shipped more than 8.3 million units worldwide. Sony currently has 80 games available featuring full Move support, and the software giant expects that number to grow significantly by the end of 2011. Ahn also went on to stress the diversity of game types that utilize PlayStation Move, referencing core games such as Killzone 3, while also highlighting more casual types of games such as LittleBigPlanet 2, and Eyepet.

The GDC session drew to a close, with Ahn stressing PlayStation Move precision being a key requirement for deep games. He stated that lack of precision only works well for party games with low demands, further reinforcing the idea that Move is the ideal motion controller of choice to cater to all game types, and genres.