PS Vita Game Cases Hold More Than Imagined

Any news is good news when it comes to a highly anticipated launch platform release, right? Recently we posted the case size and style of the PS Vita, but some new photos have delivered a step further to give us an inside peak to the handhelds casing.

As a promotional effort for Sony’s upcoming handheld, Japanese retailers are receiving empty boxes for PS Vita launch titles. With the expectation that players may need to swap memory cards to keep their save data organized, the cases will be designed to hold a Memory Stick PRO-Duo as well. Take a look at the inside shots of a Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention case provided:

The idea behind a handheld is to not encumber the player with objects needed to play, and with my personal history with Gameboys and the PSP, I would restrict myself to one game precisely so I wouldn’t have to carry cases around. Regardless, this will still prove convenient for long distance traveling. Fill up the comments with your thoughts.