Vita Pre-Orders Fetching Over $1K on eBay

The king is back. After the troubled launch of the PlayStation 3, it’s fair to say the PlayStation brand has suffered its fair share of knocks, but the PlayStation Vita proves that Sony still has the magic touch. Officially the sexiest handheld ever made, Japanese gamers will be lucky enough to receive the Vita months before anyone else, but you can also be a part of the December madness – as long as you are willing to pay top dollar.

With the PSP having been extremely popular in Japan, the Vita is sure to have severe shipment issues for the first few months after release, so it’s no surprise that some gamers are prepared to pay as much as a thousand dollars to get the handheld before the rest of the West.

Over on eBay, early pre-orders have reached as high as $1,111.94 with shipping, and $969 with shipping. With gamers willing to spend over $1000 for the $249 Wi-Fi only PlayStation Vita, it’s clear that some PlayStation fans are desperate to get their hands on the Vita, no matter the cost. In addition, Play Asia has begun taking pre-orders for the Vita, so even more gamers are sure to import the handheld. Online stores Amazon Japan and Yodobashi are both already out of stock, after only having the device up for pre-order for a short time.

While importing the region-free handheld gets you the portable PlayStation first, it’s important to note that the X and O buttons are reversed. With that in mind, how much would you be willing to pay to get your hands on the Vita this December 17th?