“New Owner’s Kit” Accessory Bundle Available Soon

Buying a new console is always costly, especially once you factor in getting extra controllers, new games, and taking sick days from work to serve your new addiction. But Sony has found a new way to sell you more for less, to help keeps total costs down to a minimum.

There’s so many consoles and versions of consoles available these days that things can quickly get confusing and expensive for the average consumer. However, almost no matter which one you pick it’s generally a good idea to add a few accessories to get the full experience out of your new system, and to acknowledge this Sony is now offering the “New Owner’s Kit”. Available at GameStop and Walmart as of October 25th, the new kit is priced at $69.95 and will contain the following:

  • DualShock 3 wireless controller in charcoal black ($60)
  • 6.5′ HDMI cable ($10)
  • 10′ USB cable ($10)

By my math you only save about $10 through this purchase, but when purchasing such expensive toys every little bit of savings counts. At least the 10 foot USB cable will be handy for when a controller needs a charge, you need to keep playing, and you don’t want your nose pressed on the glass of your TV. New owners would probably be smart to pick up a cheap used game and use the extra $10 towards one of those silly online passes, but a little cash in the wallet is always nice too.