Skyrim Goes Live-Action Against Daunting Dragons

Nothing seems to scream “epic” like a live-action trailer, blending fantasy and reality in a dramatic and drool inducing manner – which is why you should watch this new video for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

“Here there be dragons” is the famous line that keeps ringing through my head as I gaze at anything Skyrim related, and it’s certainly drilled home in Bethesda Softworks’ new trailer. The next game in The Elder Scrolls series plants us in the boots of the last of the Dragonborn, who is the only individual capable of defeating the new dragon menace spread across the land. This newest trailer shows us just how scary that task will be as towns folk flee for the hills in the wake of a dragon’s destruction, and the Dragonborn stands ready to fight.

Don’t be fooled by the visual though – this is a live-action trailer, which is quite different from the in game previews we’ve seen earlier, but despite that it’s an incredible way to set us up against the enormous opposition contained in Skyrim. If Skyrim (or any game, for that matter) really looked like this, I’d be ready to declare it Game of the Year, but with the help of an all new game engine Skyrim is truly looking far better than its predecessors, and looks ready to stand as one of the best RPGs we’ll see this year. Currently slated to release on November 11th, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim shouldn’t be missed among the slew of incredible releases this fall, as it will likely pack great value with dozens of hours of gameplay and the freedom to create the hero you’ve always wanted to be.