Activision Embraces Michael Bay Comparisons to Call of Duty

With only a couple of weeks to go before Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 shatters a bunch of sales records, Activision has spoke out on the franchise and the comparisons many are making to Michael Bay films.

Instead of dismissing this comparison, Activision’s senior brand manager Eric Folliot has embraced the similarities, telling Spong:

I think Call of Duty delivers epic scale, so the single player does amazing stuff. It effectively puts you in the heart of a movie that Michael Bay directed, and it’s just… explosions everywhere. It’s that experience that really resonates with people. They love it. That once-in-a-lifetime, you get in there, and you’re like ‘wow, I can’t believe I’m doing all this stuff.’ So yeah, I think that’s what Call of Duty delivers. Epic scale, and fantastic storytelling. I think that Battlefield 3 is a great-looking game, but it offers a very different experience to what Modern Warfare 3 will.

Say what you want about Michael Bay films and the Call of Duty series, but one thing is for sure – they both sell incredibly well. People speak with their wallets, so clearly these type of over-the-top, action-heavy experiences are what the market craves, and you can’t blame either for giving the public what they want.

Modern Warfare 3 will arrive in stores November 8th.