PlayStation Vita Case is Full of Class, Usefulness

November 17, 2011Written by Anthony Severino

The PlayStation Vita’s launch is only one month away in Japan, so Sony is gearing up for the launch of their new handheld hardware by showing off key accessories in video form. The first of the videos demonstrates the PlayStation Vita’s case – for a total of eight minutes.

What in the world could this case do that would require eight minutes to demonstrate? A lot, actually. It’s not just any case, it’s a soft clamshell based case with some very unique features – like a way to flip it around so it becomes a kickstand for the system. Cool stuff. The video is long, but it’s worth a watch.


If this is what Sony has in store for Vita accessories at launch, imagine with will come later down the line. The PlayStation Vita launches on December 17th in Japan. We’ll have an import review published shortly after. Then when the Vita launches in the West in February, we’ll have yet another review of the hardware.