Skyrim PS3 2.01 Patch Update Rolling Out Now

As enthralling The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is, it doesn’t come without its share of problems – in particular, a bug that causes lag when save files reach over a certain capacity. Users have complained that this bug can render the game unplayable after some time. However, a 92MB patch is rolling out now that is said to fix the problem.

Skyrim‘s 2.01 patch is hitting PlayStation 3 consoles across Europe as we speak, and other regions are sure to follow (Update: the patch is now live in the US). The patch addresses the lag issue users suffer from when save files grow to a large size – read the full patch notes here.

Users have already began taking to the Bethesda official forums, saying things like:

yeah it fixed it!!!

but they seem to have minimized the texture details..anyway it’s not that bad though…I hope this runs this smooth after hours of gameplay..


no lag for me now, just fast travelled to whiterun ferociously rotated my camera and decided to rampage and kill everyone all without lag, the decapitation bug seems to be fixed now on a side note.

btw this is coming from someone who had to stop playing because it was just not possible at all. 1-8 fps

Initial reports seem positive. Hopefully this will alleviate any problems users are experiencing. It’s also good to see that Bethesda has been so quick to react to user complaints, even over the holiday.

Let us know if you’ve received the patch, and if it’s fixed your issues.