Jonathan Blow Hints That The Witness May Come To Consoles

Braid creator Jonathan Blow has been hard at work on an exploration/puzzle adventure title called The Witness. Currently, The Witness is only scheduled for release on PC and Apple’s iOS. However, a new interview with Blow suggests that The Witness may be coming to consoles.

Game Informer interviewed Jonathan Blow about The Witness, who discussed platforms for his next game. “My current idea is to launch on PC and iOS, and then maybe one of the consoles which has not been decided, and later to bring the game to all other platforms,” Blow said.

Blow then explained why The Witness wasn’t scheduled for consoles and what has changed since:

We can only do a certain number of platforms at launch, because we’re small. A few months ago, I was doing all these interviews, and I didn’t think we were going to do a console at launch. But we’re hiring two more programmers, which has a huge impact on what we can do. So now the idea is open again, that we might do a console launch, but now what exactly that is depends on all sorts of business things that we just haven’t figured out yet.

More on The Witness can be read in Game Informer #225, which features a four page feature on the game and more comments from Jonathan Blow.