Rumor: Vita Won’t Support Multiple PSN Accounts

With multiple people using the same console, or gamers creating accounts in other countries to get games and demos earlier, the PS3’s ability to support multiple accounts has been praised again and again. Unfortunately, it looks like the PS Vita won’t support more than one PSN account.

A user on NeoGAF apparently received a catalog with the launch line up of games and accessories for the Vita at an event in Osaka, Japan. In the FAQ section at the end, the following was found (translated):

Q: How many PSN account can be set up on a Vita system?

A: Only 1 account. If you want to to use a different account, you need to format the system to factory settings.

This means that, while the games are region free, your Vita will be locked to the regional store that your account is associated with. It also means that you can’t share your Vita with a relative, unless you use the same account.

Until we hear a direct confirmation from Sony, it’s important to note that it’s still a rumor, but – if true – will this influence you on whether you will buy a Vita?