Battlefield 3 Input Lag Still A Concern, DICE is “Working on it”

If you chose to get the PlayStation 3 version of Battlefield 3 over the other platforms, then chances are you’ve noticed that the aiming isn’t as precise as you’d expect, especially when compared to competitors such as Modern Warfare 3 and Resistance 3. You aren’t the only one, and while DICE have been aware of complaints for over a month now, no resolution has been found.

Battlefield 3 Community Manager, Daniel Matros, has some bad news. When asked why the widely reported “input lag” wasn’t addressed in the huge BF3 patch last week, he replied via Twitter:

We couldn´t really find what caused it. We´re working on it though

DICE recently stated that they plan to continue support for Battlefield 3 by offering expansions. If anything, they should worry about the bugs, and just as importantly the input lag, before adding more content. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case, as Back to Karkand will be arriving on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, which will be a week before the PC and Xbox 360 see it.