Fans Remake Final Fantasy VII Opening with Unreal Engine

Despite being one of the most requested remakes of all time, Square Enix have repeatedly denied rumors that Final Fantasy VII will be remade, recently saying that would be “a lot more challenging” than developing a new game. But if you’re desperate to see the game in a higher res, fans have created a playable demo of the opening to FF VII built on the Unreal Engine.

The demo showcases real-time 3D environments and free camera control, so isn’t a complete package. To see the remake in action, you can watch the video below, or even download the demo for Windows – but act fast, Square Enix will likely force the developers to take down the video, and stop production:

On the site, the developer states:

FFVII REMAKE is a learning project made by fans and for fans. It is not approved or supported by Square Enix Ltd, the creators of the original videogame Final fantasy VII®.

Marketing is strictly prohibited, as well as any economic benefits from this project, both directly and indirectly.

FFVII REMAKE has been created for two main reasons: to learn how to create a videogame and to pay tribute to one of the best RPGs ever created, which most of us love and admire. The idea is to show its 2D world in 3D in a short demo, trying to keep it as accurate and respectful as possible to the original.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Would you like to see the 1997 RPG remade for the PS3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.