Massage Your Favorite Heroine Using PS Move In Record of Agarest War 2

Aksys will be bringing the third title in the Record of Agarest War series to North America next summer. Development of Record Agarest War 2 is being handled by three Japanese companies – Idea Factory, RED Entertainment and Compile Heart. This latest edition brings some absolutely hilarious additions.

The Record of Agarest War series is a traditional Japanese strategy RPG with shades of Japanese dating simulators mixed in. The main character can perform a “soul breed” with any of the female party members, thus producing a second generation of playable characters. In the original game, this carried on for five generations.

The original game received a lot of press coverage because of the included bonuses – a body pillow featuring one of the female characters and a cleavage mouse pad. Record of Agarest 2 ups the ante with the inclusion of massage, Shiatsu & Bathub mini-games that utilize the PlayStation Move.

Did you play the original Record of Agarest War or its sequel Record of Agarest War Zero? I’m sure more than one North American Otaku is preparing to pre-order this bad boy come Monday morning.

Akysys have released a few screenshots to promote the game. Check them out below: