Asura’s Wrath Demo Unleashed Day And Date With Retail Release

Capcom has announced that a demo for Asura’s Wrath will come out on the same day as the game.

Today, Capcom confirmed the North American date for the demo of February 21st to GameInformer, with the demo being the build of the game that was shown back at TGS 2011, along with some added features from the full game.

As a new IP, Asura’s Wrath will face a stiff competition from Ninja Gaiden 3, which is set to release two weeks before. With Ninja Gaiden‘s pedigree, it is going to be tough for Asura’s Wrath to win over consumers, but hopefully this demo will at least give it a fair chance.

Capcom has also released some new screenshots of the game which you can enjoy below: